How to share a python plugin written in Python Algorithm Workspace

Once you have written a python plugin from Python Algorithm Workspace you might want to share it with other peoples.

Here is how to do it in a simple case:

Sharing a python file

user 1

  1. [gnomon] write python algo

  2. [gnomon] save as file

  3. share the file with colleague (email, … )

user 2

  1. save the received plugin as file

  2. [gnomon] load plugin

Sharing a pipeline file

You might also want to share the plugin with other processing steps such as in a pipeline.

user 1:

  1. [gnomon] create a pipeline with custom python algo

  2. [gnomon] save the pipeline

  3. share the pipeline file *.json


  1. save the received pipeline on disk

  2. [gnomon] load the pipeline

Of course, if your code requires specific imports, don’t forget to share the way to install needed imports with your colleague.