Image Python Plugin Scenario


To run this example you will need to install the following plugin package(s):

gnomon-utils package install gnomon_package_tissueimage


This section is under construction! Some information might be missing.

Dynamically implement an image resampling plugin

  1. Browsing

    • Load image YR01_t40_crop.inr.gz

    • Export to manager

  2. Python Algorithm

    • Change plugin name to isometricResampling

    • Change plugin documentation to Perform an isometric resampling on an image.

    • Add input form: gnomonImage / img

    • Add output form: gnomonImage / resampled_img

    • Add parameter: Double / voxelsize / Resampled voxelsize

    • Change parameter bounds to 0.1, 5.

    • After # add your imports before the next gnomon tag add the import line: python  from timagetk.algorithms.resample import isometric_resampling

    • After the # implement the run method replace pass by the following lines: python self.resampled_img[time] = isometric_resampling(img, method=self['voxelsize'])

    • Swipe to the right in the menu

    • Put the image as input (if not done automatically)

    • Apply

    • Change voxelsize parameter

    • Apply

    • Export to manager

  3. Python Algorithm

  4. Pipeline

    • Show the generated nodes